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Winter 2005 Newsletter (pdf, 68KB)
Fall 2005 Newsletter (pdf, 69KB)
Summer 2005 Newsletter (pdf, 70KB)
Spring 2005 Newsletter (pdf, 70KB)
Winter 2004 Newsletter (pdf, 87KB)
Fall 2004 Newsletter (pdf, 98KB)
Summer 2004 Newsletter (pdf, 95KB)
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Acceptable Use Policy
Privacy Policy
Setup Guides
Windows 98
Windows 98 Internet Connection Wizard (basic dialup and email setup)
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Macintosh OS/8 and OS/9
Macintosh OS/X
Outlook Express
Outlook 2003
Netscape Communicator (Windows)
Netscape Communicator (Macintosh)
Netscape 7 (Macintosh OS/X)
Apple Mail
How Tos
Dialup accelerator: Propel
Popup blocker: Google Toolbar or PestPatrol or wait for Windows XP SP2
Parental controls: CyberPatrol
Receive phonecalls while online: Callwave
Fix: Homepage Hijacking, Adware, and Spyware
Geekgirl article
Spywareinfo article
Spybot Search & Destroy
StartupList, BHOList, CWShredder
ZoneAlarm (useful to see what programs are accessing the Internet)
Fix: Modem Disconnect Problems by Limiting Connect Speed
Modifying Init String (Windows 98) coming soon
Modifying Init String (Windows XP)
v.92 Modem Init Strings
Lucent/Agere LT WinModem Init Strings
Rockwell/Conexant Init Strings
US Robotics Init Strings
Determine Your IP Address
Disconnect Automatically (Windows)
Fix: email download stops or repeats after Norton AntiVirus detects a virus
Fix: Outlook Express can't get new mail with Norton AntiVirus 2001 or earlier
Free Security Tools
McAfee FreeScan virus scanner
Symantec Security Check virus scanner
TrendMicro HouseCall virus scanner
Panda ActiveScan virus scanner and removal tool
PestScan from Pest Patrol spyware scanner
Spybot Search & Destroy spyware scanner and removal tool
AdAware spyware scanner and removal tool
ZoneAlarm firewall
AppleCare Documents
About iMac V.34 Modem Script Document and Software
56Kbps Modems: Getting The Fastest Connection
Troubleshooting "No Dial Tone"
Apple Remote Access: Disconnects After Ten Minutes
Troubleshooting Phone Line Issues That Affect Modem Connections
Mac OS: Modem Unexpectedly Dials
V.90 Protocol: Connectivity Discussion
Apple Modem Updater 2.0 Document and Software

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