Remote Access

1. Place the mouse pointer on the Apple symbol in the upper left of your screen and hold down the mouse button to open the Apple menu. While still holding down the mouse button, move the pointer down the Apple menu to "Control Panels" so that the Control Panels menu opens.

Move the pointer to the right and then down the Control Panels menu to "Remote Access". Release the mouse button to open the Remote Access Control Panel.

2. If the blue triangle next to Setup is facing down, proceed to step 3. If the triangle is facing to the right, click on it to display the Setup dialog.

3. Type your dialup username in the "Name" box, and your password in the "Password" box. Place a checkmark in the "Save password" box, unless you want to enter your password each time you connect to the Internet.

Type your local KWOM access number in the "Number" box. You can find a local access number on our website by clicking on "Dialup Numbers" in the navigation bar at the top. You can verify that this is a local call by checking the Ameritech website and clicking on "Find your local calling area".

If you are in area code 847 or 224 which require 11-digit dialing for local calls, you should include a "1" and the area code (for example: 18479797051). If you have Call Waiting on your telephone line, you should include the code to temporarily disable call waiting (for example: *70,8257051).

Click on "Options".

4. Click on the "Protocol" tab. Make sure the Use Protocol box is set to "PPP".

If you want Remote Access to automatically dial KWOM and connect to the Internet when you open your web browser or email program, place a checkmark in the "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications" box. If you sometimes work offline, and prefer to connect to the Internet manually using Remote Access Status, then leave this box unchecked.

Make sure the "Connect to a command-line host" box is NOT checked.

5. Click on the "Connection" tab and modify the settings if desired. Most people find the "Prompt every 5 minutes to maintain connection" feature annoying and do not check this box.

If you want Remote Access to automatically disconnect from the Internet and hang up the phoneline after a specified idle time, check the "Disconnect if idle for nn minutes" box and specify the idle time. Note that "idle" means no packets have been transmitted or received over the Internet connection for the specified number of minutes. If you prefer to disconnect manually using Remote Access Status, do not check this box.

Click "OK", and then close the Remote Access Control Panel.

6. When asked to save changes to the current configuration, click "Save".

7. Click "Next" at the bottom of this page to continue with the setup instructions.

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