Netscape 7 Email Setup (2)

10. From the Edit menu, select "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings".

11. Make sure the "Your Name" and "Email Address" boxes contain the correct information for the From: field in your outgoing mail. Click "Server Settings".

12. The Server Name should be "". Do NOT change the Port setting. Do NOT check the "Use secure connection (SSL)" or "Leave messages on server" checkbox.

Click "Outgoing Server (SMTP)".

13. The outgoing server name should be "". The "Use name and password" checkbox should NOT be checked, we do not require authentication to send mail as long as you are connecting to the Internet via our network. If you are connecting via another ISP, you should put their outgoing mailserver name in the "Server Name" box. You should not need to click the "Advanced" button unless you have several mail accounts and want to use a different outgoing mailserver for each account.

Click "OK".

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